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Independent Global Service

By operating in 3 major business segments, (e)Waste Management, Logistics and Trade, I.G.S. Solutions is aiming to be the supplier of choice for the major multinational and governmental institutions.

Owing to the proper understanding of our clients needs, the culture and available services in the region, I.G.S. Solutions is committed to filling the gap between the multinational expectations and the available substandard performance in Africa.

Our staff have gained their expertise through education and extensive "on site" training. Most importantly they have enhanced their knowledge by working in the field learning the trade inside and out. Combined with the use of the latest technology, safety and environmental friendly solutions, I.G.S. Solutions shall do all possible to ensure the customer satisfaction to be what was beyond imagination in this part of the world.

We highly recognize that business prosperity should not conflict with the environment protection or the welfare of the society. Hence we consider our responsibility towards the society and the environment as one of our major business objectives.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Christer Schyberger,  C.E.O.